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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Golden Delicious

Good morning my blogging chums. What a gorgeous winter morning?! Ok so im freezing my boobs off but the apricot sunrise is slowly filtering through my windows, making the consumption of this ghastly green tea slightly more bearable.
After 2years of peer pressure from Cosmo, I have finally come round to this Green Tea poppycock.
But Jeeez!.. I fail to believe anyone would be drinking it, if Pepsi boasted the same benefits.
Seriously it tastes like freaking grass! & not that I can exactly certify but at a wild guess, Id say it wouldn't be too dissimilar to a mug of hot urine.
But one must perceiver with this immune system building, cancer preventing wonder in a cup.
...Although I would much rather go grab the Oreos that are currently talking to me in the cupboard.

Anyway hasn't this autumn been gorgeous? I don't ever remember seeing our landscape flaunt such a beautiful pallet of colours. The riot of gorgeous golden reds and yellows has expanded right into November, but unfortunately I have had very little modelling activity in such scenery.
These Iphone pretties where taken right on my door the Pennines, Lake District and Chester.

There have been a few modelesuqe events though....
By the uber lovely Oxford based Dan Rayner
Copyright: the wonderful Hugh Alison

& last but not least a candid splash of sunshine at Cambridge gardens.
Snapped by the fabulous Rob Ellis

Have a lovely thursday.
 I'll be spending mine bouncing on the furniture in IKEA :)

Now where are those Oreos?..

1 comment:

  1. I don't like regular tea but feel I have decent experience of the green variety! Some brands are around, try Green Tea with Mint too, bit more refreshing, I love it, or White tea, which is very subtle and without the aftertaste some green teas have, and still just as good for you! :-) And of course the goodness in it cancels out the badness of the oreo or other chocolatey biscuit/s :-P xx