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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bush love.

I like those Tall trees,
I like those Small trees,
I like those Long leaved trees, 
and I like those Naked trees.
I like those Maple trees,
I like those Golden trees,
I like those oh so pretty, Mulberry bag trees!

So for most of us 'Art nudies' we cant really resist groping a rugged piece of vegetation. In fact its probably my biggest guilty pleasure. I get so overly excited about such pieces of timber.... big or small.
They've just got so much wisdom and character don't you think? There just like our long lost weathered old grandpa's (minus the Werthers originals) with so many stories to tell.

So on what was supposed to be a very commercial orientated affair with the North easts answer to lifestyle photography. 
I just couldn't resist some evergreen loving, when the gorgeous Four o'clock flare burst through its branches.
These shimmering sunset shots where snapped By the talented
The official shoot will be posted in due course...

Have a super evening.

1 comment:

  1. This set is awesome, your skin looks amazing and golden against the green of the tree.