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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

If I was President.

Good evening my lovely blogging buddies.
Boy have I got lots to talk about, but all I can blummin think about is Halloween!! My goodness, am I excited!
Its my absolute, hands down, favourite celebration. From Pumpkin carving kits to stuffing my face un-guiltyly with sugar coated everythings, Michael Myers omnibus's and ultimately it being the one day a year each girl gets to unleash her inner-hoe bag dress sense.. I swear if I was president I would make everyday fancy-dress. Thats after I make air conditioning illegal and spray paint the white house blue and cloudy...(Inspired by Pixar's coolest bedroom of course.)
Now also available to glamorise ones twinkletoes, at

Anyway back to my current costume dilemma!
Being the most indecisive person on the planet, makes this one hell of task I face each year.
Choosing my pick'n'mix each orange wednesday takes in the region of 45 whole minutes so you can imagine the magnitude of my predicament.
From Geishas, to Angels, Pirates and Bats.....Zombies to BowPeep, Bunnies and Cats ive been them all.
So any ideas what so ever will be most appreciated! :)

Speaking of orange wednesdays....a fat 3rd slice of Horror heaven is now showing at all good cinemas...
Paranormal activity 3!!
 Could I be any more excited? Im such a horror film junkie/critic, so do expect a full Raphy report first thing friday.

Anyway onto something a little more conforming and modelesque...

For those of you on Facebook I am sure you will have seen one or two of these "something a little different" images popping up recently so apologies for the double dosage.
This splash of 60's revival was taken by my wonderful friend Roman, see more of his intriguing portfolio at

Now whilst we are in this very retro kind of climate, I would like to share with you three very elegant portraits by the needless to say but amazing Yerbury's.
Have you seen that hair?
It just looks so lick-able!
Hair, make-up and styling all courtesy of SUPER-FAYE!

 Now check out this bosomy piece of paint work by the fantastic Dublin based photographer and artist Mr. Alex Murphy.
Isn't is great! And anyone who interprets my legs so long and my butt so small deserves some kind of knighthood at least.

& finally.....
Im totally in love this 'Leopard in the shadows' snap.
Oh the fun to be had with a freaking projector!
Copyright of

Have a lovely final few minutes of your Tuesday.
With love Raphaella.

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