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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Where is Raph?

I don't know where Raph is? I think I lost her somewhere on a virgin pendilino... left starving and exhausted with a very numb bum.

As you all will know I have now vanished from the internet modelling community.
Wait....''Community''? Is that really the word i am looking for?...Im not sure... More like a small pond, of which i was quite a healthy sized fish, but undoubtedly was going to drown as a result of pressurised levels, sexual abuse or insanity.
To be honest none of them sounded too appealing.
Quite unbelievable that it has taken me nearly a decade to get my self a Facebook and i delete the account after one week.
Unfortunately it comes after one too many bad experiences for me.
This is by far the end of my modelling journey. 
I will be continuing to Model & Muse and can still be contacted via email or my upcoming website. But I will no logger be owned by modelling, it will be taking a back seat in my life not ruling it. These past months I have indeed created some of my best work to date, but the reality of the day to day grind is not quite as glamorous as the final image and quite frankly very un-stimulating. For many successful freelance models we are booked as a package for our 'unique' talents and niches, which I often forget to be thankful for but far to many days we work as clapping seals not creatives as we would so much like to be. We are continuously booked to re-create images we already have in our books or that fellow models have produced, this is a very tedious and unchallenging task and the sense of achievement is non existent. And not to achieve is not to evolve.
This I must add is not a reflection of every photographer whom i have had the pleasure of working with, so so many of these people are true friends whom are truly talented, who bring spice, excitement and purpose to each shoot like they have been bound from there cameras for a century….. and that really is the making of marvellous images.  
My career has now in conjunction had a face lift, and I am so grateful to have some very exciting and challenging prospects to get my teeth stuck into.
However I will be persisting with my baby blog, on all my latest gossip, voyages and exploits so if you give a hoot stay tuned.

See you all in the next episode of RaphWorld.

With love Raphaella. x


  1. Raphaella, I am so glad to hear that you are OK, and I think you are very brave but have made the right decision to control your career, instead of allowing it to control you. Thank you for all the wonderful images we have created together, and all the best for the future. Warmest Regards. Tim

  2. Hi Raphaella, Im really looking forward to viewing your website when it goes live! And I am so pleased that you are still posting here on your blog. You are a true artiste and I love following your career. Sorry to hear that you are not always treated with the respect you deserve. Look forward to reading about your new adventures! Rebecca x

  3. In a very selfish way, I'm extremely disappointed at your decision. But of course, I understand it completely and can only wish you the very best in what ever comes next for you. Glad you updated your blog to let us all know you're OK :)

  4. I wish you all the best for the future whatever it may bring.

  5. A shame, I would have hoped one day we would shoot together :-D

  6. I am increasingly challenged by those (including yourself) moving on from a full life on internet modeling and photographic sites. A wise decision many others would benefit from regardless if they are a model or photographer. I wish you well. I must try the Pendilino more often it clearly brings you to your senses.

  7. Ever so glad to have worked with you. Much respect and admiration here :)

  8. Another big fish removed from the pond before I got the chance to pit my wits against you. I had a couple of "bites" but never managed to land the big one! I'm glad you've told us though, and wish you well

  9. You're welcome to swing by Binkertson HQ any time you're down in the south west :)

    All the best for your future! x

  10. Sorry to hear how this has turned out for you but it is no great surprise. I am delighted to have had the chance to work with you and on that shoot it was crystal clear that you are someone who thrives on creativity, that it is the very air that you breathe. Having that stifled, either through mis-treatment, boredom or both, is like taking the water from a flower. Best of luck in whatever endeavours and adventures you have planned for the next installment.

  11. As per usual I am late/last to the party, yes stagnation is not to evolve and that is never good or wise, enjoyed very much the opportunity to work with you and wish you all the best for the future.
    Stay creative!