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Monday, 11 April 2011

In the headlines.

Well, not quite.. lets not exaggerate now, but my face has been appearing in the pages.

"Fallen" by the super talented Emma Goulder 'AKA' EGO PHOTOGRAPHY
in issue 109 Digital camera magazine.
Complete with interview and all her juicy tips and "how to's".

Numero 2 is by 2nd runner up Nick Kemp 'AKA' Britalicus in Digital camera magazine.
This very talented man whom i have worked with many times shares his iconic work and luscious lighting techniques in issue 111.

In further news...

A wee bit of coverage for I and Marc Byrams currently running exhibition at the Nantwich Museum.

And last but certainly not least is by a man we all know and lust for his unprecedented style and  bringing london to leeds.
Jay Mawson's front cover and 8 page spread is a must read.

Happy Tuesday y'all.


  1. Cor, you have been busy :D nice work with Emma, she came to one of my workshops in the North :D she's very nice!

  2. Hey

    Just seen you've taken all your portfolios down. And I saw the note on Net Model. If you have retired, good luck for the future and hope everything goes well.