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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Vikings & Brown Cheese.

Evening ladies and gentle-spoons and welcome to your next episode of Raphy world.
My last month has been hell of a whirl wind and im inviting you all to hear about the who's, the where's and the why's...( tumble weed goes by..).

I have just returned from a mammoth trip to the splendiferous Norway, with the wonderfully talented Ashley Cameron.

So, Norway… well Norway is basically the lake district on steroids. 

With its vast mountain ranges and fjords that spill into this luscious green landscape for miles upon miles; travelling from A-B can be a game of planes trains and automobiles!
& what can appear to be a 3 hour journey, breath takingly turns into 16…..GOOD TIMES!

Other things you may like to know… 

  • Norway invented the Cheese slice and also the trusty paper clip.
  • A speeding ticket will set you back 10% of you annual income... OUCH!
  • If you pivoted Norway on its axis it would span from the Shetland islands past the most southern tip of Italy!
  • Cracks in the earth / mini canyons are referred to as 'Pussies'.
  • Important note to self…Norway's currency is not euros!  mmm…

Here are a just a few of the thousand snaps from the trip…if your not into the whole mountains and lakes thing, well I suggest you leave now.



Can you actually believe what you are seeing? These photos are straight from the camera & looking at them now I find it quite hard to believe I was actually there.
Such a serenely mind blowing place; the sensation of burning in the summer heat whilst knee deep in snow, is possibly the most bizarre thing I have yet experienced.


This trip should predominantly be named mission Kjerag Rock.
Suspended 3,228 ft above sea level, the rocks wonder is a 6km, 3peak hike.
Through rivers, snow and 1000 ft vertical limit climbs!
So considering I didn't posses the most appropriate Hiking boots, I was really putting my £8 Primark plimsoles  to the test!

YES this was the most physically demanding thing I have ever done! At some points I thought I might just spontaneously combust.
But this was also the most magically rewarding thing I am so proud to have been a part of.

& Im not even talking about modelling on the rock.
To watch the sun lick the horizon at midnight and still have a bright blue sky at 1am, thousand of feet high eating a pack of Oreos, was like something from a movie..

If you aren't a Facebook friend and have not yet been overloaded by Ashley's wonderful images then please look on.
 No this is not photoshopped...that is actually me.
I did space out slightly and forget where or who I was but I obviously had a few old moves racked away some where.

This too was shot at around 9.30pm.

 Modelling the eye popping Ashish dresses I was embellished in.

This trip was not one of the highlights of my year but my life!



  1. It looks an absolutely stunning place, almost makes me want to take up landscape photography :)

    You sound as if you had a wonderful, well deserved, shoot. That rock picture is amazing.
    You NEVER cease to amaze!!

    All the best


  2. Hi Raphaella! Rob Ellis just showed me the picture of you on the Kjeragbolt, what a great picture :-)

    I just have to ask you, can I download the picture and publish it on my facebook site about the Norwegian Fjords?

    I guess that would get many "likes" :-)

    Thanks and Best Regards from