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Monday, 4 April 2011

Red wine, ALPINE.

Unbelievably i managed to squeeze a little play time into my hectic schedule and March 2011 took me to the French Alp's for a spot of extreme sports and extreme sun burn. My poor little snout lost at least 20 layers of skin.... even after the financial rape that is purchasing factor 50 piz-buin at a ski resort. :(
Nothing could have prepared me for the costs of val d'isere; nor for the fur hooded french women who continued to pierce my shins with there poles.
But the views, oh the views.....the best compensation i could ask for.

If only i had the images to show you...

Of course snow boarding with a giant Nikon in hand is never a wise trick for me nor the camera so we resorted to the hipstamatic hype and a trusty Kodak disposable (you know theres actually something so refreshing about the rickety noise of winding that thing sends me back 10 years. )

ERM...Hello coolest snow board ever! I was the talk of the slopes with my one of a kind ice cream customised bad boy...oh how I love that board.

Somewhere in between boarding a glazier, eating a million crepes and glugging on the house chalet red wine i found my self rocketing my self of the cliff a mountain...all for a thrill :)
Im hanging somewhere around the orange banana in the sky.

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