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Monday, 4 April 2011

Stings and Things.

I have just returned from the most magical week in the paradise that is Jamaica.
Feeling slightly jet-lagged and of course depressed by returning to such grey skies and a hundred ill mannered jackass's on the tube...(is that an oxymoron?)...i think its safe  to say where i would rather be spending my days right now.
Pulling my best moves in a Oasis, sipping pina coladas and 
dirty banana's (sorry i cant say that without a huge grin on my face, but you really haven't lived until you have tried them!) Eating jerk chicken and listening to Bob Marley...ahhhh heaven!

I was so thrilled to be travelling with the amazing P.H.D-ified DR.Emily Yang and the talented and wonderful Voyages 2004.
I actually feel like ive lost a puppy now we've been separated at the hip.

I just cannot express how glorious this whole experience was, the company, the place and the images we took and created are that of which I will treasure a life time, so thank you to you both :)

Here a few "snap shots''  to get you warmed up (no modelling included.. strictly fun and games.)
I will post more when Ive had a second to look at them. 

This made me pee my pants.

There was one down side to all of these shenanigans... bugs!
I hate bugs!! I mean I really really hate them and they sure do love me!
Even at home I hoover my bed and sleep with every spec of flesh covered. 
So explain can emily lie on tope the covers naked in the heat of the night...whist I in the same bed where pants and shirt and sausage my self up, face down in the pillow in 35degree heat get 8 bites!!
What?!! Emily is on a plate!


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