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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Raphaella on Ice.

Good morning Orange Wednesday's. What do you have in store for me today? Oh that’s right! Naf all. Just more, greased up trunk busting, super something’s. Dodging fire balls and relentlessly getting into bother in NewYork city sewage systems.... For feck sake, Paramount! If you insist on yet another good-vs-evil karate-chop-action scene, please consider finding a new boxing ring back drop. And enough of the robbed 'Starlight-Express' rigging. I wanna see blood!

Well not necessarily blood.. But a little less gimp mask and a little more angst in the 'has-been' Hollywood actors face; may just generate the most marginal of emotional stimulation, on all audience members over the age of 8. Then again this is Manchester after all.... Let’s narrow that down to any one over the age of 8 that doesnt think that 'Steinbeck' is a brand of Dutch Larger.

And thats why, we Cinema at The Art House. OK, so it's a little pretentious at times; you may need a Masters in Estonian language to follow most of its midweek showings, AND it doesn’t quite have Odeon's, curvy Cuban cutie, serving up hearty scoops of Cherry Garcia. BUT at least I dont reappear from the auditorium, rocking popcorn dandruff.

Anywho... Having sieved (in approximately 0.4seconds) through this evenings, dull ass listings. I have concluded that 'IceMan' is the appropriate way forward. Not that im entirely convinced, by its seemly Comic-strip Hero title. But the fact, that it stars my eternal, heart-throb Ray Liotta; even post, his widely denied, botched facial surgery and the fact he's been rocking, the same villain-ish character in screenplays for over 2 Decades. That said... I did rather dig, his extra repulsive side, in 2013's 'Place Beyond the Pines's.
...(Jeepers, that was a rather groovy film wasnt it? I should really write a bloggy review on that.) 

Anyhow, here's this evening's, unfotunately titled 'IceMan' trailer.. .
I hold all judgement till 11pm.
 Now here's something a little different from the fabulous 
Norbert Holy.
WithLove Raphaella McNamara x