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Saturday, 15 June 2013

At Home With-the-Love's.

Good-Morning Internet.

I should probably be in bed around about now. But for some typically, baffling, Raphaella reason; one crazy old cog, in that miniscule old mind of mine, thought it be a totally spiffing idea, to start tie-dying hot pants, in a not-so subtle pigmentation of Bahama Blue, at approximately 23.45 on a lonesome Summers Saturday-night, this June.

I read the 'Dylon for dummies' mini manual, with painstaking precision to detail, and in not one line, does it mention, performing such a procedure in a padded cell. My kitchen now rather resembles that of a Smurf's breeding ground, and the said shorts, have developed into a sad looking shade of  Navel Submarine. Thus... I fully intend to take some serious funky-town, legal action. :)
Now, whilst slurping Cola's in the afternoon rain, with my good friend Jay Mawson yesterday, I kinda came to the realisation, that the McNamara ship, aint so water tight. I’m running around 12years behind on the blogging front, I know that for sure. But how did the devil did I manage to keep these little homely number, under the covers since March! 

Like seriously though, where exactly did that fecking time go?!

Photography: Jay Mawson
Model: Raphaella

Well its almost 2:30am and theres some serious Peppermint tea to be downed and overpriced potions to be slapped on my face. 
Night yall.

WithLove and yawns... Raphaella McNamara x


  1. Beautiful set, love 1,5 and the last one, just yummy

  2. Simply gorgeous, just you in beautiful light. Quite raunchy, sexy images. A joy.
    In the fifth one down was there some artistic meaning to reading the magazine upside down? Or is that just you?

  3. Great tones and beautifully done. sexy without being aggressively so. Lovely.

  4. This set is delectable! Amazing from both of you