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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Body Condoms.

Hey worldies, apologies for my abundance of ball all blogging rcentley. I could possibly go with the 'oh im just so busy with my fabulous life' bollocks or I could just go with truth...
kind of.

OK, so im just gonna cut to it...
Im currently dealing with quite a huge family tragedy at present. Yes, forget falling from trapezes, fighting with coral and yucky foot infections. Im for once dealing with something much larger than myself or for any family to ever go through.

The kind of stuff that just never happens to you. The kind of stuff that could surly only exist in movies? The kind you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy.

As you can of course tell, im really trying to make a light hearted, yet from the heart exposition of this, because its the only way I know. But I for one know, that im conducting a shitty job of it.

All I can really do is apologise for the snail pace speeds, at which my emails get your back to your eagerly awaiting inbox's.

Its funny how... in fact its really not funny at all but silly in fact, how we take the most significant things in life for granted and it takes a multi story pile up of life's ugliest u-turns to make us realise such simple math.

How do we get so self loathing?
So eager to fit in, so obsessed with self improvement? Dwindling our days away with our foolish appearance complexes.
The need for change, the need to succeed..
The crap never ends I swear!

Hey! What about that handsome devil of a man (and/or woman) that loves you?
What about those nice shiny slates above your head? (In my case, apartments 203, 303, 403, 503)
What about those fish cakes on your plate and the cloudy lemo in your chalice?
What about those peepers and those brains, those kidneys and those veins?

In the words of the Big 'O' herself...
"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough."
Oprah Winfrey

Now for some second-skin latexness by Birmingham's brilliance in a basket, Julian Kilsby.

Sorry about the overload chaps, Im having a particularly indecisive day, but I really don't care. :)
...You can kind of understand why so many chicks specialise in this 'don't breathe now' attire.
It photographs so damn well, all you have to do is turn up!
Plus...You just cant help but feel like a fox. :)

With love Raphaella x


  1. Dear Raph,
    so sorry to hear things are going upside down for you... Hope all turn out right. Our thoughts are with you!
    Anne-Marie & Johan

  2. love these :) beautiful pics xx

  3. Sending positive and empathetic vibes your way..hope it all gets better soon.

  4. Thankyou blog followers :) Your kind wishes have certainly helped brighten my morning.
    Raphy x

  5. Hope it all works our Raph, take care :)

  6. you look great in these Raph. Keep smiling.