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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A pocket full of Poppies.

Hello web populace, what a grim yet bizarrely blissful day it has turned out to be...

Although ive been subject to square eyes, at the hands of the evil Macintosh for the last 9 hours. 
The colossal colliding of clouds, and the sparkly forks that light up the sky, have been a much welcomed addition to an otherwise morbid Wednesday.
I dont believe ive experienced such exciting environmental conditions since Universals Studio (circa 2002)
I did check Granada reports but still no reports of flying cows on Market street yet. Damn.

But in a similarly bewitching way, some of my life's most 
'cinema couldn't recreate it' memories have revolved around the weather.
  • Nestled between the rents, munching Cheese puffs larger than my 5year old noggin, at the Holiday Inn Clearwater, I watched my first and still the most magnificent tropical storm, chasse upon the Mexican gulf.
  • Marshmallows & MinuteMaid around the campfire at lake Erie Ontario, absorbing an hour long fluorescent sky spectacular, that kissed the faraway shores of NewYork State.
  • Routine Milka munching on my Mediterranean balcon, with best friend and partner in crime. Those several months of star gazing and thunder therapy, beneath patchwork blankets in 2008, was a sure way to soothe my soul.

Another way to soothe the soul, is to gallop through a billion blossoming Poppies butt naked. 
(Certainly not foot naked I may add)
...but each to their own.
Gorgeous Gordie snaps by the canny George Swift.


Withlove Raphaella x


  1. Oh Raphaella... you're portraits are always so beautiful. I really like the fact that it all looks natural... you come across as a very 'real' person and I respect that. Not a lot of that going around anymore.

    Always love seeing new work!
    Lots of love!