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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Quixotically patterned projections.

Oh when, oh when will my summer arrive?
Im pretty much dragged kicking and screaming through the first four months of the year, so this unnecessary prolonged wash-out is just taking the bourbon biscuit. 
We're usually well into bouncy castle, buntings and home made burgers on the barby, season by now.
Sometimes I wish I could just join thumper and the gang, and hibernate my goose-pimpled soul, from Guy-forks night right thru to Easter sunday.
Im just really unable to compute how some 'humans' don't enjoy a hotter climate? My father being the prime example, unceasingly grumbling about the 85degrees this and 95degrees that, he's subject too.... lunatic
All I can say is, hurry up global warming, so I can get on my rusting cali cruiser and have a pic-nic a tree! ....... 
(Well as long as we can find somewhere nice to put the polars and the pingu's)
Now we all know how much I love writing my lists and making my organisational trees, so ive started to scribble down a few bits and bobs that should keep the old ying & yang firmly en-sync through the next sweaty months.
<3 Waste a day, reading a stack of retro 70's Cosmos
<3 Drink cocktails (complete with flamingos and/or umbrellas) & listen to Elbow
Jamaica 2011
<3 Take an outdoor yoga class
<3 Purchase an inflatable paddling pool, lie in it & take some not-so self conscious, self-portraits
<3 Take a doggy for a walk (I don’t actually own one, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.)
<3 Buy a hula-hoop &  work that butt.
<3 Quit the coffee, even if it does come in pretty pink pots.
<3 Stock up on those hippy leather bracelets at flea markets
<3 Go to a rooftop party...or two.
<3 Learn some words in an exotic language
<3 Buy a fabulous "diva coming through" sun-hat
<3 Hack up an old pair of jeans into short-shorts
<3 Go to the beach & die of relaxation
<3 Carry a small water gun in my purse.

Now in true weather permitting style, here's some of the fab new images taken by Cambridge based photographer Pierus.
We did have are hearts set on ballet duo in the landscape for the last 6 weeks, but the heavens weren't playing ball. So a morning of Technicolor projection, ass shaking fun it was!

Like what you see, check out the wee impromptu Iphone vid, of the snaps in the making... 
I think it gets real groovy @ 2.12mins!

Have a luscious Thursday everyone.
Withlove Raphaella McNamara 


  1. A hula hoop to work that butt?! Looks like you already have! Nice shots by the way.


  2. Babe, that video is sooo hot, and yet it's so artistic too. Love it. Well done! :D x