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Monday, 13 February 2012

Lovegames on a Monday

So its that 'hearts are everywhere' time of year once again, and  admittedly you would normally find me "playing dead" for the entire event.
Ok so maybe my lack of organisation and empty pockets may have something to do with it, but I generally believe the whole affair is something Clintons Cards conjured up to breakthrough an otherwise dry spell. 
But oh-no! Not this year baby! This year I am SO feeling the love. I seriously don't know where the balls this new found notion has come from. Im normally Saint Valentines biggest critic.
But at approximately 1am, Morning of the 12th I decided I wanted to celebrate. And by celebrate I don't mean galavanting to some overly priced, set menu milarky. Sipping on some naffy Red and chomping down on some leaning tower of Pisa, mash and miniature meat "Ala-carte" crud.                                               
Oh no!... Ive set the £20 challenge And boy is it a challenge, considering the date, our schedules and the fact the allowance is just twenty freaking quid. But I do love a good love-game (well as long as im winning!)
Ive kind of got my heart set on a Toitoise. Although I have not the faintest idea how much these guys are retailing for, and im pretty sure im not gonna get the cagey/tanky thingy included in the budget. I guess I could always just give the microwave a scrub...
AHHH...If only I was in possession of some jail-bate Double-D cup's... Im sure I could of hustled my self a few bags full reptile furniture and provisions.
Ive never really had the 'sexiness' gene come naturally to me. The only time I ever tried to be a slither of saucy on a valentines-day, I knocked out my partners tooth out whilst attempting to give him a lap dance! It kind of ruined the moment to be honest.
Surly this year can only be better!
If you aren't so V-day proactive this year, why not focus on loving yourself!
Yes it sounds corny and no doubt for any English readers, whom hate to admit there particularly good at anything; and would rather die than come across self loathing, quite difficult indeed. 
But as your grandma would say, "How can someone else love you, if you don't love yourself?"
  Here’s one easy-peasy  way to pull your Monday socks up....Start writing a list of the things you love about yourself. and I’m not just talking about no 5 things, either. No! I want to hear 100 THINGS!
I gave it a go.... and now I know, with my newly realised skill set, finding the perfect heart filled offering will be an absolute breeze. 
<3 Cooks a killer steak <3 Fantastic clavicles <3 Exellent taste in birthday cards <3 Hyper extensive elbows, allowing me to get into those most fiddly of places <3 Bags of compassion <3 Such a romantic <3 My dedication to optimism <3 Impeccable flair for Shabby-Chic <3 An answer for everything-er <3 Fearless wearing of crazy hats & weird sunglasses, no matter the occasion <3 Now or never spirit <3 A bargaining knack like no other <3 My E.T neck <3 Unbeatable list-writing <3 Relentless curiosity  <3 A try anything oncer <3 A fantastic party planner <3 Stellar accessorising…
Check out these freshly baked, red hot shots, by the brilliant Russell Coleman
Have a lovely celebration folks, whoever your spending it with or thinking of.

Raphaella withlove x

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