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Friday, 30 December 2011

Have a happy, hearty, Hindu, holiday.

Sexy, Brutal, Sleek and Bold.

"The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" 
.... truly masterful..

Rooney Maraew's portrayal of Lisbeth Salander is FUCKING INCREDIBLE in Steig Larssons, American Adaption of the trilogy. The opening scene is utterly breathtaking and its shot and scored just beautifully. The movie utilizes everything a movie has at its disposal(lighting, camera's, music, etc.)to its fullest extent, pulling off the year's most fully realized motion picture. It totally gets my vote for film of the year.If you haven't already seen it... what the hell are you waiting for?

PS. Do remember this film is an 18.. so save your self the awkward moment of being asked to present your I.D in front of all your friends, after queuing in the super-snake lanes for 40minutes, and take along your drivers license.

Have we all had a spiffingly good christmas?
Im a little tired of all the messing around now. 
If I see another segment of Terry's Chocolate Orange I think I may just slit my wrists.
Other than the grotesque amounts of selection boxes, edible baubles and chocolates shaped like tools and shoes,
 Ive enjoyed a thoroughly british crimbo.
Stuffed with
... Disney shop spree's.
 ...Winter Wonderlands...
 ....Death defying travelling fairs
....Merry amounts of mulled wine.
..... It just wouldn't be christmas without an essential customised sweater.
& Knowing you have the best freaking christmas tree on the planet is also quite comforting...

...And those Brown, paper, packages, tied up with strings, are always mucho appreciated too!
Don't be silly, I didn't receive an Ashley Tisdale, look at what she's wearing...!
 a Chanel J12 !

Happy Raphaella :)

A few things I just cant get my head around though...

1.Buffet food....Now hands up, who likes it seriously?...Once we've all scrambled over the last cocktail sausage, what is there really to eat? BROCCOLI QUICHE?

2. Crackers...Now I love the crowns, I also love the jokes. But the prizes....oh those not so prize like prizes... Im so bored of your predictability.
OK. So the whole toe nail clippers thing, aren't due to go out of fashion any time soon, but uber miniature photo frames, that are only suitable for 'Stuart Little's" portraits...SERIOUSLY?
You will be glad to know there was no Chinese Buffet fiascos in the McNamara household this year. Instead we indulged in some very   traditional home cooked Indian cuisine courtesy of our Hindu half of the family. 
Including Jinga, Kahdi and Mutta Kozhambu.
Followed by far two many scoops of ice cream and a stomach churning concoction of cocktails for the days to follow.
Speaking of which..

Im mostly looking forward to a few pre - New years eve....
Pink Drinks

1 part VOX Raspberry Vodka
1/2 part Chambord
1 part Champagne (float)

Mix in shaker half-filled with ice:
            VOX Raspberry Vodka and Chambord.
Pour into a champagne flute and top with Champagne.
Garnish with fresh raspberries.

Followed by a filthy, dirty, "NO-HEELS-NEEDED" multi-storey car park rave.
Hell yeah!

Moving on to that photographic lark...
These first two babies where taken on a 
"Are you free in 5minutes time, for 30minutes of playtime?" 
With the brilliant Karl Baxter.
A few more femininities, from the fabulous Pierus.
Numbers 6 & 7 from my Augustus Amsterdam Adventure.
This next image taken by the lovely leeds based Richard Spurdens baffles even me...I cant quite understand how I managed that one.
Images 8, 9 and 10 copyright: Richard Spurdens
Go have a goosey at some of his gorgeous work at


  1. I enjoyed Dragon Tattoo on Wednesday, this years feel good romcom it isn't but it is most excellent. Did you think Lisbeth's story came through enough for those who haven't already read the books? I think to tell it properly would have taken a film of about 4 hours rather than 3 but it was still very entertaining. Nice set of pictures you've put on the blog again Raphaella.

  2. Great site , love the pics , you are a stunning looking girl, with a fabulous body and a good (and lucky)photographer,sorry your pictured grabbed my attention, will read the blogs later