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Monday, 19 September 2011

Tears, Tantrums and Twenty-one in Two-weeks.

So I take it you have all been out and purchased "Seven Pounds"?
If not, why not?...
Now sorry to overload you with all my cinematic recommendations but my second thumbs up this week goes to the BBC's 'LIFE' narrated the master David Attenborough.
I swear even his name makes me tingle.
No I don't fancy him, but that voice...oh! that hot chocolate for the ears voice.
I am absolutely obsessed with anything he puts his vocal cords too. The amount of money these BBC/Discovery channel folk get out of me on Box Sets is positively mind blowing. From 'Planet Earth' to 'Blue Planet' to 'Oceans Giants'....I have been known to do a flat out, 12 hour omnibus session on one very wet weekend, accompanied by 1 or 20 easter eggs.
Anyway I accidentally stumbled across this latest masterpiece the other day on BBC 4.
And WOW! In-fact WOW WOW WOW! This is hands down the most spectacular and tear jerkingly beautiful recording I have ever seen.
If your not that keen on nature and you cant stand Sir. David Attenborough it doesn't even matter because the lighting alone in this film is enough.
And you don't even have to go out and buy it just grab a Tub of Phish food (currently half price in the Co-operative) and click on this link for an evening of Monday wind down bliss.

Other stories..
So once a month I have a day of total teariness and I mean teariness.
Im still convinced that millions of other women must suffer this erratic, emotional condition but I am yet to find one.
This day isn't set in stone, so I cannot prepare for it. All I know is that it takes place two weeks either side of when Im attracting the lesbian Vampires.
This grand event happened to sneak up on Saturday.
Other than my annual face eating cold sore, I was having a lovely day working with three other stunning models for a well known contact lens company. We was having such a giggle until the conversation turned to Weddings and baby showers. UH-OH! 
All of a sudden I found my self welling up.
Now anyone who knows me will know how much Ive been wanting someone to get married for the last 20 years, just so I can wear one of those funny fancy hats. But no two people I know will do the deed, no matter how much I beg! And im pretty damn sure this will be the case for the foreseeable future.
So whoever you are where ever you are, if you know someone who's getting married please let me be your plus 1!

So after all the talk of Christian Dior baby bibs and the likes of my evening pretty much went down hill from there.
My internet connection was so diabolical trying to skype my father in America was as much fun as root canal treatment. We would have actually been better off with two cans of 7UP and a string.
This was no thanks to the 5000 boys packed in my room playing some banging, shooting, screaming game that could probably push a saint over the edge.
So when it came to spilling a litre of Fizzy Peach drink in bed that night and having to strip the sheets for the 4th consecutive night running due to other very similar mishaps I will take full responsibility for, I was in big big trouble off my wits end other half.
In my defence the mattress is now smelling peachy clean but I am admittedly an absolute mennis for balancing the lid on tope of the bottle & not actually turning the cap. Bad Raph.

So at this point, lying on a KungFu panda towel feeling like its the end of the world, I sobbed my self to sleep. 

After another long day working for Acuvue. My amazing partner told me he had a little pre-birthday surprise for me.
I expected tropical flowers? Chocolates shaped like Unicorns perhaps? But definatly not a 5star, 5night spa extravaganza in Marrakech!

Happiest girl in the world.
I have dreamt about this place my whole life and just cant wait for a culturific, camalfied 21st Birthday with the boy I love.

Of course I just had to celebrate this fantastic news with a spot of sushi.
Followed by a few other not so easy on the hips treats.
But do note the fruit masqueraded by all the other calorific wonders. 
I have a firm theory that if you eat something healthy after something not so healthy it cancels out all the consumed calories.

Ok back to that photography stuff...
Here is some very pretty new images from the Lovely Iian Thompson.

Final little note my beautiful boyfriend, thank-you for making everyday a Princess day.

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