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Monday, 5 September 2011

Mondays Dose.

Good-morning yall, Im here to give you your monday morning pick me up fix of Raphy.
Taken by the marvellous Des Barry, a fine art nude photographer based in Ireland that im sure you all know. A truly great person with a stunning and recognisable photographic flair.
& some kinda-not so-candid kitchen captures...

& a very rare sighting indeed of a Raphaella complete with clothes.
Please don't ask what It is that I am wearing here...needs must when operating in the Wicklow mountains.

I would love to stay and gossip but I have a very exciting day lined up of, post office runs, a joyful 80 mile round trip of hospital visiting, a super market sweep (which sounds so innocent but entails me purchasing more than I could possibly carry with my weedy arms and traipsing it over a canal patrolled by 20 wild geese, craftily awaiting my Hovis and my 
possibly my head), through a cobbled car park, over a 4 foot fence & up five flights of ass burning stairs no thanks to my not so existent lift.
 And finally topped off by a casual screaming down the phone to my estate agent as to the whereabouts of my £800 deposit I should have had in my pocket around 2months ago.
All to be done before shooting at 7pm..

1 comment:

  1. I love these images, you pose so well, and such great body shapes.

    I would love to shoot with you sometime...