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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bath time with the Box-of-Frogs

Earlier this crappy summer I  had a shoot with my most favouritest Katy Cee.
I adore Katy, not only is she in my opinion the most versatile and breath taking of models, she is also uber beautiful inside and out. So in between many giggles and heaps of girly gossiping we managed to actually get some posing done.
Working with a fellow dancer is a dream, we unconsciously know where each others bodies are going to fall and many times I would open my eyes to find were doing the same damn pose, in fact in many of these images I struggle to differentiate who the hell is who.

Take a look at this huge catalogue of work we created with the lovely Carl Grim. I have more pretty images than I could shake a stick at.
Carl is a wonderful friend and fantastic photographer I have worked with more times that I can count & will continue too.

         And a few minus a Katy.

Happy September ... 

with love Raphaella.

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