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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Big Willy and other happenings.

"The first time I ever saw a box jellyfish I was 12. Our father took us to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I never forgot when he said that it was the most deadly creature on earth. To me it was just the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen".

Have you seen Seven Pounds? Well if you havent go out and buy it right now!

I was super keen on watching it when it first came out but for some very silly unknown reason didn't manage too. So when my partner brought it back the other night I was actually quite reluctant about watching it as i was kinda Will Smith-ed out from Hancock the night before..(I know that sounds like a slight oxymoron right? as how could any woman possibly tire of seeing that black Hercules body?)

Anyway bearing a box of Thorntons chocolates that could sink a ship and my favourite cloudy lemo complete with could i say no?
Oh my goodness....the best discussion ever!! The film is ammmmmaazing.!!!
Ive actually been in recovery all day from just how beautiful it is. Im actually tearing up just thinking about it.

Your all by the way going to hate it now of course after ive bigged it up for the last 5000 words.

Now heres a cocktail of un-blogged goodies that i would like to share with you this beautiful tuesday afternoon.
Pure and Simple Raphaella by Barrie Spence
 A hypercoulour splash from the talented Christian Scott
Some cinematic, Downtown shots from Dave Baldelli
Another sprinkling of Angel Delight from the beautiful Rebecca Parker
A dash of the dark side from TheDirtyStory
& Two deliciously lit shaggy haired snaps from Holland.

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