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Friday, 8 July 2011

Divine decree or just a walking nightmare?

So its really no secret that im a total klutz but today has been a whole new ball game.
As I have mentioned in my previous post I am currently in the gruelling process of moving homes.
As if this isn't the most physically demanding, time consuming, stressful thing known to the human race, I ended this fine evening by standing on a mirror! JUST GREAT!

This rainy day in manchester began with fixing canvases and frames to the walls,...I didn't stand on a nail, just three freaking times!

I then dragged my ten ton, two suit cases and the once that was mirror over town to get caught in a monsoon and watch my brand new beautiful Topman hat blow down the road!

I arrive at the building and realise I have brought the wrong set of keys! ARE YOU KIDDING!

I have no choice but to abandon the cases and sprint the mile back home!......if i saw a puppy I would probably cry right now.

Now I have the keys, I lug these mammoth cases upto the 5th floor. Then I get the overwhelming sense something was wrong.
Indeed, very wrong actually, the wrong building in fact.... I live in the twin building next door!

At this point I was ready to murder someone.

Having successfully given up my coffee addiction for a whopping 5days now, I new the only way to put a smile back on my face was a VENTI Starbucks and perhaps a good deed like dropping off all my unwanted clothing at the charity shop.
But as it turns out I didn't please a sole... as I spilled the entire pint of coffee in the shoe section of Oxfam.
(no pun intended.)

To spare you the boring details, I then went onto rocket 2 litres of Olive-clucking-Oil all over the kitchen.

I squirted hairsprays in my eyes. 
I spilled my dinner on the rug.

& have made the school boy error of placing my passport in an 'extra safe place', but of course have no idea where that now is. Which is just grand as I fly to Germany on monday.

Oh and how can I forgot, I was almost wiped out when the whopping wing mirror of a transit van walloped me over the back of my head at approximately 20mph as I attempted to cross the road.
Luckily theres nothing in there too damage but God damn it hurt.

But other than that its been a smashing day all round.  


  1. Well at least you haven't lost your sense of humour!

  2. Have you thought of applying for the role of Mrs Bean, sounds as is you would be ideal :)