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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Better late than never.

Good morning world.
This is going to be a short but sweet little post for today as I am currently residing in Beirut. Not only am I in the process of moving house AND decorating a new one, I have been blessed with a leaving present leek from the boiler and not a drop of hot water for days now.
So for these joyous last few days I have been bathing in a sink filled with kettles of boiling water with a plug that isn't air tight!

'Hello greasy hair and shaving rash'!

Anyway...I would just like to apologise for the absence of images I have promised to cough up from my various expeditions.

Have a goosey at these dramatic location nudes taken on my recent Scotland trip by the lovely Jim Furness.

See more of this set at

& some hipstamatic happy snaps from the trek.

Here is some of the delicious work taken by Voyages 2004 in Jamaica earlier this year. ( I know where I would rather be right now).

& some more from the incredible Ashley Cameron on our trip to Norway not to long ago.....


Much love Raphy.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for sharing your beauty and ideas. That image of you on the rock in Norway was absolutely breathtaking. I also agree with your insights which is very rare for me. Your ideas are sound and ring of truth.
    I wish you lots of love, light and life!