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Monday, 20 June 2011

Another slice of Raphy Pie.

Not many people remember there trips to Amsterdam; and neither do I… but I have discovered some very intriguing images hidden in my phone from last months trip, so its comforting to know there is record I have actually been.

Other than its biggest tourist attractions; legalised soft drugs and government sanctioned prostitution (which i defiantly wasn't interested in err, mmm…), Amsterdam is a quintessentially cosmopolitan hive.

The skinny tilting houses like something from a Tim burton film, gift wrap the endless network of canals; leading onto cozy back streets and pigeon filled, cobbled squares teaming with a billion bistros and more p√Ętisseries than you could shake a apple strudel at.

It gives copenhagen a run (or I guess cycle) for its money, just with a little less structure. To the extent that 80 thousand of these pretty push bikes find there way upon the bed of the canals each year…
 So if you have eyes in the back of your head and you aren't off your head for that matter, your wicker basket clad cycle is the only way to get around!

Here are some candid - crappy quality iphone snaps I thought I'd share.

Actually no thats not my partner..just a high on ERRM.. 'life' Dutch labourer inviting him self into my picture.

Some essential local lingo my good old dutch pals once kindly shared.

Large ice cream.............Groot ijsje


I adore the Netherlands! The mix of the bustling street life and youthful orientation, combined with its attractive history and architectural wonders, make it Europe's most fascinating city.
...(oh dear, cringe! That sounds like something I just plucked from a travel brochure...but this place really is the dog nuts.)

& if non of that is really up your street theres always the windmills and tulips? :)

1 comment:

  1. Raphaella, you do write extremely well, not quite up there with your modelling talents, but very good nevertheless.
    Nice piccies as well.