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Monday, 23 September 2013

Thumb Wars.

Hello Monday and Friends.

So whilst my mind fry's, to the mentally infecting sound of GTA-5... 
That's the lame-brained game of the moment, 'Grand Theft Auto', for anyone whom doesn't know... has a life? 

Yes that right, 2013's latest installment, of misogynistic, megalomaniac massage, has hit planet Raph.

If you still don't have an inkling as to what it is, that Im carrying-on about, you've clearly and creditably been rocking this seasons must have blinkers. And thus, have avoided every billboard from here to Papua New Guinea, containing the animated mugshots of these seemingly post-apocalyptic, rabies ridden, once were SIMS.

To Prepare: 
Grab yourself 1 hyper-homicidal Mark Wahlberg, a handful of narcotized Chris Brown's and season lavishly with weapons of war. And hey presto you've got yourselves a multi billion dollar grossing, minefield of girlfriend mass suicide.
Best Served: Not At All
Alternative recipe's include: 
Take 1 Disc, remove from its unevolved, pre-millenia graphic clad packaging, frisbee said disc onto the roof, and leave till doomsday. Meanwhile, grab your half salvaged man and get him straight to work on your soon to be, Garden of Eden, mural amaze-balls hallway.

Here's some Fujiroids.
 Copyright: The rather amazing...DRJPHOTO

WithLove Raphaella x

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