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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I'll take a bag of "Get-up-and-Go" to go.

Hello Blog and Co. Apologies for being the worst person EVER, but the narrator in me has been some what stumped for words and verve, in recent existence.
Stress-levels have been off the Richter. 3rd party pirates have stolen every last ounce of my zeal. And my pals Ying and Yang haven't shown their Shamu shaped faces in weeks.
Other than that though, Im feeling just about hunky.

Construction is well under way at home-sweet-home. Turning this sorrowful skeletal shell, into a rustic, ski-cabin forward slash NewYork Loft...on crack.
oh yeah!

I will be posting my 'Scrap yard to Chic' progress and laughable takes on DIY 'know how', in the coming weeks.
Including Volumes such as...  
"How to paint an 11ft high ceiling, without a ladder, for the equivalently tight as cramp". 
Stay tuned, for that...
Now for some sandy-assed, summer time imagery, by my wonderfully talented, good friend, Ashley Cameron.


Reporting from camp Oklahoma - Nothern Quarter, 
(given the current Broadband stripped status)... 
WithLove Miss Raphaella McNamara.


  1. Splendid images as always. Sorry to hear that things have been a little yuck of late, but it sounds like you've been putting your best foot into the paint pot, so look forward to seeing the results. Great to chat to Ben Ernst today on FB about your super images with him. Keep bringing the sunshine.

  2. Love the third shot especially Raph, the shape, colour and pattern of the ball against the clear, simple, peaceful background, and your elegant liberated freefall captured so well. I imagine it cropped square too it would make a cool arty greetings card... brilliant work from you guys! Love it :-D