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Thursday, 4 July 2013


Well it has to be said, these past few days, would make wonderful educational software in 'Futility for Dummies'. It seems the whole damn world and his time wasting, backward thinking dog, has summoned themselves upon my inbox and ear holes.  
I kinda feel like Mr. "Free Hugs" guy, on your average animalistic Saturday upon the high street. 
Except.... some freeloading parasite, sharpie-d my heart adorned, free romantic gesture offering; leaving me the sour-faced looser, waving a once-was 'Monster Munch' box that now proclaims 
"Free time to be wasted". 
My Tipp-Ex unequivocally nowhere in sight.

Maybe, I’m a little more irritable than normal?
But maybe, my usually sanctified blind fold, slackened this week just slightly. 
Prevailing, a World and the self-centred habitants it withholds, that I usually liked to hide in a small box behind the boiler.


Anyhow.... In consideration of the recent meddlesome events, at the WithLove Towers, I found this little set of gritty pixels, to be rather apt. I think this first image, of any, would be the closest illustration, of my present spiritual state. 

These six moody moments, where taken on a bitingly chilly winter’s day, in one of the many glamorous localities, I tend to find my rolling around in. Shot by renowned Irish photographer, 
Donal Moloney for his 2013 Intruders exhibition.
*Despite the current chin dragging aura this post may have broadcasted. 
I think these images are fucking awesome. :)
WithLove and tired eyes Raphaella x