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Monday, 13 May 2013

A volcanic life.

"Good-morning world, its a brand new day..."

Jeepers. It sure is good to feel the sofa beneath my butt, and the window-welcoming sun on my face. 
There's just something I find insanely therapeutic about Monday Mornings at home. Even if I am, keyboard strapped for its entirety, I still take great comfort in the morbidness, that fills the population, due to those good old back-to-work blues.

OK that sounds a little dark... maybe Its just the serenity of being surrounded by only my plant pals, Tyrone the palm tree and Nigel the blood red cactus, that make the "Fair of face" day, a rather blissful one, after 4 weeks on the modelling road.

Anyhow.... Following last Wednesday's typically Libra-ish entry, the mention of my habitual, craggy office; did rather get me thinking.
*think·ing [thing-king]
Adjective:  An activity highly unadvisable and avoided at all measures, for 'Raphaella's' worldwide.

However, the matter of overdue, Atlantic coastline uploads, was anchored into ones hippocampus. C'est la vie, I have since fished out these 2012, washed up wonders by the fabulous 'Imagesse'.

In other factitious news.... I am rather obscenely and somewhat inhumanly busy. To the extent I have granted my self a mere three (and sleep ridden at that) days off, since my Bulgarian boarding bonanza this March. True story.

The WORK is wonderful.
The PEOPLE are splendiferous.
And the TRAVEL, although granted exhausting; makes one a happy Raphy. 

With this however, there does come certain draw backs. And I regret to confess that I may be sluggish with my communications, and a tad off tempo with my web presence. So please do excuse my silly old self and my schedule. 

If Im not cornered into a 
wifi-less corner of the earth, Ill be back at you in a jiffy.

Peace, love & ice-cream, Raphaella x

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