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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

"Unexpected item in the bagging area"

Remember that wee job you had at 16? Yes, working those barcodes at Tesco? The one that made you realise how important a further education is, in order to escape the bad breath and idiocracies of our hungry civilisation? 

.....Well now you get to do it again! Yeaaayy!.... But this time you get to operate a gobby robot, that thinks everyones a thief, yet will still try to fleece you on your '3 for 2's!

The marmite of the supermarche world.

I fall for them hook, line and sinker every-time.
One look at the queue of miserable misfits, pushing a tsunami of chicago town pizzas and im darting for the robots. 

Within minutes im bashing my head against the screen, to the beat of 'please wait for assistance' on loop.
Im then greeted by the false smile, of an overworked checkout supervisor, who kindly explains its because im buying meat.

Oh right! That explains it!....????!!!!! 

These self service monstrosities are the biggest step back in human civilisation EVER; thus I declare that this day forward be the official commencement of the Raphaella Boycott!
Beautifully serene creations by the Weymouth based clever clogs Ken.P.
Just lovely!

WithLove Raphaella x


  1. Number two is just ... brill.

    Of course 1 & 3 are brill-minus.

    (I prefer the machines, no social niceties to deal with)