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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Happy Hypocrites.

I suck. I truly, truly suck.

I cant sleep, I cant think...
And now I hate myself even more, for being one of those annoying bloggers, who make excuses on why there not blogging!

Im in a bad place, lets leave it at that.

Im sure you've all got enough unwanted mind-blowing bollocks, going on in your own lives though, that you wont be needing to read about mine.
But I am in dire need of emotional exhalement and I sure aint taking up clay pigeon shooting anytime soon.

So quite naturally, I googled my conundrum of course. 
 & what a BAG OF BALLS it was!

Who the hell comes up with this tripe? 
Well 'Miss Elizabeth Scott' at the New York Times, does in fact....

Well Ive actually been perusing this activity most seconds for the last 21 years and I cant genuinely say its doing a great deal for my stress management.

Take a walk... 
Are you serious? Its like a warzone out there! Prams smashing into my cankles...? Clusters of noisy schoolgirls fused together  to form one mass unmoving blob..? 
Taking a walk will only lead to a stroll under a bus.

Sign up for the *free* weekly newsletter... Free?... really? Are your perhaps failing to mention the time ill have to spend deleting your spamalicious ass from my inbox for the next 15 years, propelling my stress count into hyperspace? ... I think I'll have to pass, Thanks.

SO, for the next few days.. forward slash... forceable future, I will be ranting about some of my favourite things I love to HATE, on this big-blue-marble we call Earth. 
Yes ive said it before and I'll say it again 'whiners are whiners'; but if you cant beat 'em join em.

So if you've had it with humanity too, tune in weeknights at 9 on RaphysRambles FM.
(To all those currently syphoning the channels of your not so nostalgic DAB's, Im not actually filling Chris Moyles's chair anytime soon.) 
Although, 'RaphysRambles' does have a kind of ring to it.. I may have to rethink this whole 'withlove' business.

On a slightly more apt note, this weeks selection of sun soaked femetography, comes courtesy of the one and only Image23.

Go team Jamie!


Nighty Night!

Withlove Raphaella x


  1. Society sucks. That's why i live in the country. Peace and quite. i guess there not so bad in small numbers. You need to find a nice quite place to relax and enjoy mother nature. Its tough to find but well worth the hunt. And less stressful than whining about socity. So my wife tells me.

  2. You need to live down by the sea, she knows all about me and is a great listener. RaphysRambles? Yes please!!!!

  3. Sea, or country, both are good. Too many people is bad for you. I know about lifeshocks, I had 2 this year and the end result of dealing with them cost me my degree. No matter, life goes on and so will you. Wish you well Raphy.
    Oh yeah, RaphysRambles sounds good to me too.