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Monday, 13 August 2012

The peg leg of Notre-Dame.

Happy Monday!

Well actually not so much at my end....As I seem to have adopted an unpleasant infection in my size two excuse of a foot.
Walking is somewhat challenging...
....Modelling on the other hand (foot would be more apt) is best served with man-size morphine capsules and a handsome stool (a chair that is, not faeces.)
The summer seems to have flown by like a fruit fly. I don't ever remember being so busy, which of course I am exceedingly thankful for and can only hope remains into the dooming bowels of December.

Ive been in an out of our culture-rific continent like a fiddlers elbow since May. I swear, if RyanAir did air miles, id be half way to the moon by now. Then again they'd presumably dump me at Mars and tell me to get the shuttle in.

Brussels being no exception to this rule.
I mean where the balls is Charleroi?
Thankfully (with undercurrents of annoyingness) Belgium's rendition of network rail, operates on time journeys (yes those things to exist) at around a 10th of UK fares
First class Charleroi to Antwerp = €7. Yes thats 95km & no rail card necessary.  
I could easily compile an acrimonious, font size 8, twelve page essay on the incompetence of Great Britain's choo-choos! But we'll save that for another day.    

Speaking of Choo's... Jimmys Winter'12's, would surly make the perfect medicine for my gout like extremity?
:)...offers on a postcard!

Anywho back to the land of cobbles and waffles....
I hadn't really "seen" Brussels, since a disastrous school affair at the age of 13.
"Affair"? Mmmm.. bad choice of words. Pedophilia activities spring to mind.
I hadn't really "seen" Brussels since a disastrous school trip at the age of 13.
Of course I was far to interested in boys, cheap spirits and choclotaes. Who the hell cared about Notre-Dame?

8 years later... Occupying a few extra brain cells, Brussels blows my mind.

I will never tire of visiting the Grand Place, but the city is teaming with so many hidden Medieval and modern jewels around every winding back street.
After a morning of darting between Cathedrals and Court Yards, I took a stroll out to the 'Abbaye de le Cambre' park to indulge in a people watching and picnic combo...(My absolute favourite way to unwind) WIth some curious deli finds courtesy the 'Place Flageye' market. 
-A must do!-
In between all of this IPhone snap, snap, snapping.
I did too infact make time for some work, believe it or not....?

Working with one of Belgiums finest gentlemen and film photographers, Johan Verhulst.
I have such a whopping back log of juicy snaps, from many of the kind artists I have worked with this summer and will make a conscious effort to stream them to you as soon as possible.
But now?...Im now off to hobble, limp and drag my gaping wounded 
foot to the GP.

Have a lovely week.
With Love Raphaella xx

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  1. I delight in your work. Johan does good things, but I was confused by the dinner table seen. Were you supposed to be decorative or part of the meal?