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Monday, 25 June 2012

50 Shades of Grey.

Hey guys! 
Apologies for the unacceptable lack of Raphy postage over these past few bad.
Mr.Blogger has been a real bugger of recent and im truly considering making the clumsy but perhaps worth while transition to hosting my own journalistic space on the web.

Other than that, life is quite dandy indeed. 

Royal Ascot was probably the most single stressful event of my adult life. An amazing day, absolutely wonderful. 
But the prep, oh the prep!... I worked my self into such a frenzy, I gave my self a super-juicy cold-sore....
Oh yes it really was the final touch my outfit so much needed. :/

Now earlier this month I spoke of a book. 
I thought I was so Goddamn triumphant with my charity shop find, but apparently ive been living in my usual cave and its only top-trumping Harry Potter on the popularity stakes.

But Im going to speak about it anyway...
Introducing, 50 Shades of Grey.
Cue.. one million eyes roll.
Now if I didn't have a toe tapping, clock watching shopping bud, I may have actually read the blurb, but boy I am glad that I didn't.
You see, the words 'erotic-novel' make me a tad nauseated, (to say the least). 
I just cant help but picture a busty brunette resting her head upon Fabio Lanzoni's planet size pectorals, gazing up into those, who knows what he's thinking eyes.

Ok so this story kinda revolves around a brunette femme too, although im not entirely sure she would claim the 'busty' title, id envisage her more as beautiful B....
He too has some serious head of hair and the perfect torso to match, but in this story, Hercules just got a whole lot more mysterious....
For one word 'kinky'.

Think of it as a cross between Beauty and the Beast and Twilight, with a hearty injection of soft to mild porn. 
(Unsurprisingly banned in 3 redneck U.S states)

My only 'slight' hang up with the book is that that E.L James, is actually a shockingly poor writer. The reason that the novel has managed to captivate me and millions of others, despite its "inner goddess" repetition and its non existent plot, I can only put down to the puzzlement that is Christian Grey.
A man that we think we know, want to know, want to hate.

Despite my hatred for the vocab structure, the electric chemistry that we know so well with Bella and Edward is traced in these 380 something pages too.
So much so that women globally are pulling 'all nighters' to finish the sloppy yet endearing piece of literature.

To summarise: Worth the read but it will hardly change your life.
Anywho after todays celebrations of a certain family members 78years of gracing the earth, I have a whole week of exciting location shooting in store.
Bring on the waterproofs...!
Now check out this collection of pixel dreaminess.

& why not pop over to the world of TheWonderOfLight for a glimpse at some of my Southern Ireland adventures with the talented Ciaran Whyte.

Happy week ahead.
With Love Raphaella.

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  1. Those wellies are awesome!

    Becky x