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Monday, 27 February 2012

I really can't stand dragons, but Happy new-year.

Ok so I am slowly but surly attempting to pack my bags for what is most certainly to be a fantastic working trip to Morocco on thursday; accompanied by the amazing Voyages2004. Its great pulling out all the colourful accessories and itsy-bitsy bikinis from there hibernation, but I must remind my self to purchase some kind of suitable footwear attire, over the course of the next few days, as im pretty damn sure these Doc Martins aren't going to be just quite right.

On top of that, I absolutely must get my hands on some 'super quick healing cream' (if there even is such thing) after my little accident at Arc Studios earlier this weekend.
For anyone whom hasn't already heard me gassing on about it, I managed to fall ass first into a giant Tupperware box and slice most of body open. Do your realise how sharp the teeth of plastic can be when broken? 
...Well, the "had a fight with a tiger" look isn't really what Im going for at the moment.


Dont you think this year is going so fast already? Maybe its the crazy weather thats made it feel slightly 'springier' than usual but how the hell did I miss Chinese new year?
I last night asked my boyfriend what he fancied doing this time round and apparently it all happened weeks back! :/
I cant believe it. Not only is one of my best friends chinese but a great deal of my family are also! What is going on!? I think I was in Belgium at the time, so im going to go with that excuse.
So to make up for my ignorance / silliness and lack of hipster oriental happenings, here is a few Asian-Inspired snaps from the archives...
So I have officially moved Chinese new-year to tonight (Monday 27th February) mini banquets, "The house of flying daggers" and lanterns whizzing off the roof terrace are defos on the cards.

Now for some photos taken in this century... 
Shot by the delightful Roland, on my Southern tour earlier in 2012.
Have a fantastic day, Chinese themed or not..
With love Raphaella x

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