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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

1 billowing cacti and no pancake-mix.

OK so my valentines was quite possibly a wee let down this year...wait a minute let me rephrase that.. it was biggest bag of balls ever!
I wasn't particularly too chuffed about setting my cactus on fire with my purposefully purchased hazelnut Yankee-candles. 
Neither was I too excited about the psoriasis ridden, bulbous face, that arose due to a possible makeup artist blunder. EEK!

But nothing quite topped a week of police chases, interrogations and statements, as I am now in the midst of quite a scary stalker case.
So I think its fair to say that valentines has been officially deleted from my calendar.

PS.... No pet Tortoise was purchased due to those silly old UV disco houses blowing my budget my £200. Youch!
...However I have now got my eye on a pet HedgeHog..
(in fact ive already chosen its name)
Wouldn't that be so cool? There like totally no hassle and they've got sooo much character.... We would so have the best conversations!

.....Any-who Happy Pancake day folks! Its only my second favourite celebration after Halloween... Although I must admit ive been celebrating since last friday and have no mixture left for today...mmm..
I thought I had thee pancake thing down do a T....but this guy just takes things to a whole new level..HERE!..
ps. Jim how the hell do you find enough time?

Tonight im planning a Thorntons white choc truffle, fresh raspberries and Nutella bonanza...(i thought id take the healthy option naturally.)
How do you like yours??

PPS. Have you had a cream egg yet? I may have had a dozen, I swear they are so much smaller than they used to be, either that or Ive had a unknown jaw extension... THERE IS NO WAY COULD I FIT ONE IN BEFORE!
Personally im more of a mini eggs kinda lass, but us models do have to watch those calories from time to time. So what I like to do is just carry around the empty tube of them and have a wee whiff of them when no one's looking. HEHE! :)

Now to catch with this ever expanding backlog of fotografia, heres a summery looking set of snaps from a gelid January day.

Images copyright of the lovely Mark Davy-Jones
Now for an afternoon of my favourite chore..Hoovering. 
No joke. 
Its actually more of a recreational activity for me. I love the smell, the motion and just getting stuck in all the nuts and crannies. All this though and im still no good at it. 
You see I have the tendency to hoover very close to vulnerable objects such as pencils, watches, bowls of cereal and the likes. My most recent and unforgivable was a live spark that had flown off the wood burning fire at my fathers.
Now fire, dust, paper bags and whopping blasts of air aren't normally a great a combo. 
Hello smoke alarms galore and bye bye hoover as it was tossed into a garden shrouded in two feet of snow. 

Hopefully my afternoon will be slightly less eventful, rocking my shiny new bag-free baby.

No promises.

Oh yes and before I forget...
I happen to feature quite heavily in this months 
Professional Photographer Magazine..woop! woop! Six pages I think...?
So thank-you Mr.Craig Flemming and Mr.Hasselblad HD4-31.

Have a scrumptious day love Raphaella 

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