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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Big Balls

Hello Everyone, happy one week to go, till the most over rated date on the calendar.
Speaking of which...
I have previously mentioned "Raphaella's Secret Garden" Compiled of artistic-nypmhish-nudes captured by the lovely Tim Pile.
Due to an unforeseen demand, Tim has most generously decided to dedicate the calendars proceeds to a fantastic
 If  i cant convince you then please check out the testicular cancer awareness website, to hear the inspiring and moving stories of the brothers, fathers and sons that have been affected by this terrible disease. im no Cheryl Cole but you can do something very decent this festive season, by grabbing yourself, friends and family one of these beautiful babies at ....BeanPrint.
Selfless acts like this really are what christmas is about, not... "MMM...How gross could I possibly be??... and max my credit card with obscene-amounts-of-bags-of-crap that I cant even carry without wiping out the homeless soul, who's close to hypothermia and hasn't eaten in three days".
So for those of you moping about what you cant afford and what you wont be getting this year, do everyone a favour and put a cork in it and be thankful for the slates on your roof and how lucky you are to have the people you love around you.

Happy Saturday
Love, Raphaella McNamara x

1 comment:

  1. " im no Cheryl Cole" - Thank god you're much better looking, and a much nicer person as well :)

    Thanks for publicising the calendar and website, and have a great Christmas.