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Thursday, 13 October 2011

WILD, WILD, WEST...erm.. wales that is.

New gritty images from the drabbest, windiest, wettest-day that great britain has ever seen.
Another teen-Amityville-Masacre ...part 12.
GEEZ! I feel cold just looking at these!
A very 'Donnie Darko' piece of greenery ^
I am in there somewhere....^
Snug as a bug in a cosy, creature-filled, carpet.^
Considering I and Lloyd Wright where submerged in a death defying cloud for most of the morning, before being rudely interrupted by an army of much more suitably attired school kids, on a fascinating day of metamorphic rock exploration. I think we did pretty damn well.
So thankyou Lloyd for the quintessential Haribos, great laughs and memories!

& here is a very cute pig in a blanket !

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