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Thursday, 29 September 2011


A selection of sensually, submerged, shots from the stupendous Simon Crinks

Ok, ok so theres no scales or flippers but Mermaidography does have kind of a ring to it. :/

I just can not praise Simon highly enough. I dont have to tell you how talented he is,
But I will anyway :).... He's blummin' AMAZING!

Now lets all have a goosey at what some other very talented individuals from around the globe have been up to.
This beauty was recently produced by the Australian Artist Kristian Mumford

The original image and copyright belongs to the Ireland based, light master Ciaran Whyte , taken on our wonderful Portugal trip earlier this August.
Please do take the time to cast your eyes over to his inspiring and informative blog , where you can admire more delectable images from our stay.
Now for something a little more contrasting...
I had the grand opportunity of working with the French artist and visionary a little earlier this year...these two very distinctive pieces of work where created by the super lovely Alexandre Rogala .

This supernatural digital delight titled "VAST" was the result of Australian artists Georgia Gibson
I really love this image and will most certainly be getting a pet white wolf one day.
The original image was once again that of Mr.Whytes
"Wind Swept"

Last but most certainly not least....
A digital delicacy from the magic mind of Moonmomma 
Originally snapped by the darling Rebecca Parker 
Here is a sneaky peakers of our soon to be blogged new lovelies.....

& just before I dash off and leave you for a last minute holiday essentials spree..
Heres the last little thing on my birthday wish list..
A crochet caravan! Just what ive always needed!! :)

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