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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My little Pony skinny and boney.

Not only do I have dog fever, I am now broody for a Pony. My partner insists we cant squeeze one in our 5th floor apartment, so I guess he will just have to meet me half way and let me have a Great Dane.
I really cant be blamed though after spending an amazing outback weekend in the beautiful Vale de Figueira Portugal.
Kindly invited by the fabulous and talented twosome Ciaran Whyte and Lorraine Gilligan.
Shooting and staying with the amazing Francisca da Silva at my now second home ranch.
& Modelling along side the one only MadameBink.

From clifftop castles to its sectaular coastline, the combination of sunshine and culture makes my heart melt whenI think about Portugal. Unfortunately I feel my model career would take a slight U-turn if i was to migate. But I could always take up road side dominos with the other weatherd faces that line the pavements on a hot tuesday afternoon.
(ahh...If only all dominos where made of cookies..)

Galloping around with another playful blonde (Pony) on a misty sunday morning surely would be any photographers idea of heaven... but when you have 3 other bundles of mischief with hooves, that like the taste of your shorts and most certainly aren't camera shy and a very jealous howling beast named Benji, its a little more challenging than you can imagine. Check out this lip licking link for one of my favourite out-takes ever...The Wonder of Light.
Be sure to keep an eye on Ciarans' beautiful blog to see more tasty captures from the weekend.

& a heres little more HipsterMagic courtesy of yours truly.

Benji & the Giant Jowls.

Portuguese paradise network rail.


Yorkshires finest.

Erm...when can I move in?

In other news..this August I gave birth to these little beauts.

by no other than my most favouritest specie initialed A.C.
Nope not Alan Carr although he is in a close second and im sure that would be an amazing shoot if that did ever happen.
But the totally fantabulous Ashely Cameron.

And it would seem that I have a secret admirer working in the Daily mail office as I have been published there twice again recently. 

 With many thanks to the lovely Chris Rout.

Oh! and I almost forgot, my much awaited website is now up and running! Woop woop!
So please take a peek and let me know your thoughts..

Now back to demolish these bad boys...

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